Zee TV Serial Qurbaan Hua 24 November 2020 Episode Update: Attempted to know the truth about the accident at the steel factory

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Chahat is outside the person’s room and as she knocks on the door the person pulls her in with the excuse that she is so beautiful from the picture, she is constantly trying to force herself on him.

A few hours ago, Chahat is with Vyas Jim’s friend, who is also the owner of the steel factory, stating that he never thought about selling the factory and does not know who would have given this information to him, he would ask. How is the machine still running in her factory, the owner says that the police have started the investigation and soon the case will be resolved, she wakes up and then sees that there is the same idol which is away from their temple , She asks him if he can take it, to which the owner mentions that he has no problem with it and found the idol in the factory on the day of the incident.

Chaht thinks who would have made this idol because it is like a temple, she looks at the contact number from the builder, then calls, she comes to know that she is in her village and lives in a lodge, she decides She does it to find out the truth.

Chahat hides Murti saying that she will keep him hidden if she tells him he will get angry because she has started investigating and has left studies, she decides to call him and so when the phone rings She stays in her room, she sees that a lot of messages have come and upon opening them she finds that she has sent a lot of video calls, Chahat gets really angry seeing them.

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Neil enters the room which reveals what is made at dinner because he is hungry, angrily Licking replies that he should eat the broken brinjal that Geeta has made, Neil asks who he is. Talking about, he shows her the video and he says that they are all just fans of him so he has to answer, she says then he should eat with them too, she kills him with all those pillows that Being in the room and really angry, she stops him saying why she is so angry as she is not his property, Chahat says she holds her authority over him because she is his husband, they The two look into each other’s eyes, she asks what he has just said, she reveals that he is her husband even it is just her husband fake marriage so she should stop flirting with all those girls Then she says that she can seduce anyone before angrily walking out of the room.

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Cheat tells Vyas Ji that he told her that Neil will accept her request as all the boys are the same, Vyas Ji mentions that he does not know how he will talk to her, so she needs to start a conversation I must say hi, he tries to take his glasses off, but they fall to the ground, Chahat picks them up to see that he is wearing torn socks, he Asks her to wear a new pair as they are not that poor, she mentions it is not about her, but Saraswati has made them for her so that she will feel their love after wearing them, wanting them Stopped saying that she would make them sick by wearing torn socks.

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Neil is in the room addressing her fans, so she is able to feel jealous of Chahat, she enters the room and she reveals that he has allowed her to flirt with any girl, she replies He has no problem with that, he said. She has obtained this post because of all her support, Chahat gets angry on hearing this, then she is unable to find the needle, she mentions that she is really beautiful and she would not have restarted the show, It was not their endorsement, she says she is really worried about being single, Neil says why he cares what he says to them, he gets mad and pinches her. Later when he turns he pulls her closer and they both fall on the bed, he texts someone and then sees that she has texted him, saying that he is able to start his show He has a big contribution, and once again, Chahat is stunned, Neil promises not to sit until he gets good marks in his exam, he mentions it. As she would sit for study after Ji, giving Vyas socks to her, he mentioned that she found socks in her pants, so they were placed on the table, Neil picked them up to let them know about the bag, so he Hides them from her, when he leaves she thinks she is taking care of him so much for his father, they also do for Vyas Ji, she comes into the room with grace, she inquires that Why did she bring him, to which she wishes that she needs to sleep and if she gets twenty-four hours they will be. It is enough for him to revise the entire syllabus. Neil plans to go to a lodge where he can study, wanting to take the name of Sawasti Lodge, they both arrive there, Chahat asks Neil how the Godavari agreed when he told her that they both Going to a friend’s wedding, he explains that he has also learned to lie after being with her.

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Neil realizes that they must have come to the wrong place, wanting to stay, he goes to the reception, while Chahat asks for the room number of the person who made the idol, he goes to the room.

He scolds someone on the phone saying that he is sending something else last time but he should not make the same mistake twice, Chahat knocks on the door and she pulls him in, when he tries it with a pillow Kills Advancing towards him, Neil becomes worried when he cannot find Chaat near the reception so starts searching for him.

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