Zee TV Serial Qurbaan Hua 25 January 2021 Written Episode Update

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Zee TV Show Qurbaan Hua 25 january 2021 Written Episode Update – all Episode Update

Neil and Chahat are both praying in the lawn, when they hear the doctor saying that Vyas ji is out of danger and they will prescribe the drugs that they can buy, Neil and Chahat get up and they say This is a really good feeling so Chahat asks the doctor if there is any involvement of the vein, although Godambari states that she is not a family member and there is no need to answer her questions, then the doctor leaves.


Godambari warns Chaat that she should never interfere in his family’s affairs and that she will not come into the house, Neil stops her by saying how Chhat is married to her and if she is a member of the house then he too Right to stay in the house, Neil holds her hand but as they are about to enter the house, Balek stops mentioning how Neil is a member of the family but does not want to enter the house because only A Hindu girl may be the daughter-in-law of their home, Neil asks if he is talking as Chahat has married her and is not from his religion and has the right to follow his own rites, He forgives that if the chat is not accepted he will not stay in the house, he tries to walk outside. After she takes over, she wants him to stop telling her how she plans and they live in the barn, how she has a custom in the religion that the groom brings a gift to the bride after the wedding but She wants him to promise that he will never leave Vyasa alone.

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Neil tells his Godambari and Balek how they should stop abusing Chahat because she used to live in the bungalow, but now her father-in-law has also decided to stay in the barn and if he has Vyas ji as his father I have accepted, he embraces her, saying that he has grown to love her even more and it is an honor to his family that he has a daughter-in-law, he challenges that if anyone intends to Stop them from living in the barn, Balek and Godavari are both worried.

Chat and Neil reach the barn when it rains, they both wonder what they will do, they start cleaning the barn, as well as having a lot of fun, Chahat prepares a bed for them to sleep in, but Unable to attach the light bulb, Neil picks it up in his arms, so he is able to attach it, he also prepares a shelf for him to keep his medical books and also the Holy Quran, he makes one for the temple. Creates space which they are both happy to see.

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Neil said that even if his house is not so solid, he still has a lot of love and emotion, Chahat says that if there is such love, then there is nothing to worry, Chahat said that there is still something missing Now, she says how every house has a name and there should be a name for their house too, Neil writes a name, but Chahat asks why he wrote it, Neil replies how the name of his religions There are characters and their love is a sin.

Chahat is about to enter when Neil stops her by saying that there is a ritual in which the wife has to come into the house after washing her feet with milk, wanting to ask what is needed though Neil forces her and Then she finally enters after explaining to him how it is believed that cow’s milk prevents any bad hindrance from entering the house.

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Neil comes to the barn at night, Chahat immediately asks about Vyas ji’s health, when he reveals that there is a lot of blood loss, but he is stable and just needs some rest, Neil lies down on the bed. Asked what they need. Now, Chahat gets nervous when he explains how it is said that newly married couples do not sleep on the first night when they marry, Chahat refuses to say how much he actually Tired so he will rest but she pulls him closer but he runs away, they then fall into a bed, with Balek planning to ruin their night because Neil can’t be with a girl who is a Muslim, he tries to throw some weight on them, but they are able to escape and joke that how God has blessed them has been saved, Chahat said how his wish was fulfilled because they spent the night They will not be able to sleep because they have to clean the house.

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In the morning Neil arrives at the house, when he requests Belk to give the lenders some more time, saying that he has no money, Neil asks what has happened when Belke replies how he asked him to make some money. Borrowed and now they started meeting him. Return it, although he doesn’t have any money because they can’t even take money from the temple, Neil tells him not to worry as he will return the amount, but they explain how they can’t take the money from him. Because he has already done so much for grief and bad omen for his family so that he will have the money to return.

Balek blames Neil for all the mistake that he mentions whatever is going on and he doesn’t even have the money but he does medicine for Vyas ji, Neil mentions how they don’t. ‘

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