Zee TV Serial Qurbaan Hua 27 january 2021 Written Episode Update

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Zee TV Show Qurbaan Hua 27 January Written Episode Update – All Episode Update

Chahat with her Ammi Jaan is asking her to praise her son, as she has given the groceries on time, but the problem is that she is not able to prepare the laddus properly and this is the first festival for the family. And so they forget all the stress they need. That is why he asked Vyas ji to his mother if he thinks they are good.

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Godambari tells Vyas ji how Muslims have ruined their lives and tried to drink their blood but they cannot live in peace, Vyas ji stands up when Godambari gets worried and tells Balek Nobody would have understood what all this happened to be fake when Vyas mentioned how it was an act that Balek says no one would have understood that the bullet and all his pain was fake. Vyas ji explains how he did not like it but he was forced to use such means because his son is married to a Muslim girl, so he wishes to do all this so that he can do it Leave Neil Chhath.

Chaat is about to walk into the house. When Neil asks what he is trying to do, Chahat begs him not to be angry as he made laddus for Vyas ji’s better health when Neil said it was nothing Hai is ashamed because it shows how much she cares for him and they both enter the house after cleaning.

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Neil and Chahat are shocked to see that Vyas ji is doing havan, so ask what I am doing as he came for Pooja, even when he did not recover, Balek mentioned how his father Having not forgotten her religious duties despite being sick, Neil also reveals how he knows his duties and has not forgotten that today is the ritual that causes him to make laddus and even That also takes great care of his health, Neil mentions how he has brought the medicine for him, take it on time and Laddoo is also there for him.

Neil and Chahat leave Devambari to know how they became holy as he saw Neil coming otherwise, seeing him standing and he did not like it, Vyas ji crushed one of the laddus and said how the Muslims kept Saraswati away from him Has done, but now he will. Fight till he becomes a hi son and does not tie his hair because it is a matter of his honor.

Chahat puts a paste on Neil’s scare when he says that they will be of no use and if she really wants to fix him, he has to come closer, she grabs him, pulling his infarction, both of them. Looks into Kee’s eyes while she explains that she didn’t like how she hurt herself, Neil mentions how she has a better idea, so she pulls him closer but she tries to get away from him. Tries but Chahat mentions that if she is innocent how should she not act because she is angry with him.

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Chahat mentions how even though she is a big cook, she is forced to do such strange things, she says how she knows that everything is happening because of her and she has it in her life Shouldn’t come, Neil never asked her to say anything like that. When she came into her life everything was resolved otherwise she could not even survive, she requests a smile with her how she should rest, she lies down on the bed when she is restless seeing him. Hai, she walks out of the house. She is really uncomfortable due to the stain, but is not saying anything.

ये भी पढे -  बॉलीवुड अभिनेत्री कंगना रनौट ने डोनाल्ड ट्रम्प का हेंडल बंद होने पर ट्विटर सीईओ को लगाई डांट कहा मुस्लिम देशो ने खरीद लिया

Chahat hears a car and is surprised to see that it is Ammi Jaan, Chahat immediately congratulates her. When Ammi Jaan orders the laborers to take it off easily, she tells how she brought all the goods for her. Because she can see that Chait is leading a life, then the servants brought all the goods for her, Chahat explains to her how she cannot take them because she does not want anyone to say that Ammi Jaan will Ami Jaan said that if she is so stubborn, then throw away the things because they had brought them with love for her, she left the place after putting the stuff at the door, then Chahat took the mattress Looked and brought them inside.

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Chahat, sitting with Neil, feels that she brought the mattress in without asking him because she needs them because she has too many scars on her back, she tries to leave when Neil mentions how she always has her Should they stay close, she realizes that there is a mattress under them, they think Vyas ji may have given them, but she explains that Ammi Jaan brought them, but she forbids them all except the mattresses Karea, worried that she might be angry with him, though she states that even though Vyas ji is not accepted, Ammi Jaan realizes his love, she mentions him closely. How to do a honeymoon, which could not be done, Neil realizes that Chahat has burnt the marks on his hands due to laddus,

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