Zee TV Show Kumkum Bhagya 18 january 2021 Written Episode Update

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Zee TV Serial Kumkum Bhagya 18 january 2021 Written Episode Update – All Episode Update

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Zee TV Show Kumkum Bhagya 18 january 2021 Written Episode Update (Scene-1)

The episode begins with Abhi and Meera’s verandah. Abhi looks towards the door as if waiting for someone. Everyone hurts Abhi. Purab kills Abhi for delaying the ritual. Aaliya comes to put a garland on her neck. Mithali comes to know that Abhi had not planted sindoor. Abhi strikes a finger in Meera’s neck and sits down. Daadi saga was not ready for bonding, as she knows that Abhi and Pragya can still be one. Aaliya asks Tai Ji to do it.

There, Ranbir was looking for Panditji in the temple. Jai and Palak were together, waiting for Prachi to arrive. He finds a Panditji and convinces her to marry him. Pandit says that he is only a cleaner and not a Pandit. Jai asks about Panditji. The cleaner says that he is gone. All three extend sensations. The cleaner was angry that he was alive, but left the temple. Ranbir hugs friends. The cleaner tells them that this is a good piece today, which is why every pundit is booked today. Today anyone who marries will be tied in a strong bond. They wait for Aryan, who also comes empty handed. Aryan tells him the story of his Pandit search, but none is available. Ranbir was eager to get married on the same day. Prachi and Shahana reach the temple. Ranbir was chasing Aryan and killing Prachi. When he was holding her in his arms, she was about to slip. They share with one eye closed. Shahana and Aryan were happy. Prachi thinks of Riya’s demand, so that she can return her love and she will return her mother’s love to him. Prachi was angry at Shahana that she said only Jai and Palak are here.

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Zee TV Show Kumkum Bhagya 18 january 2021 Written Episode Update (Scene-2)

Tai ji comes forward to tie the knot. Abhi tries to stop the process. Abhi quietly wishes that if their love is real, Pragya will have to come and stop the marriage. Pragya reaches the wedding venue and asks them to stay! Meera looks at Abhi.

Ranbir silently calms himself and thinks that he needs to show aggression so that Prachi does not know about his plan. He yells at Aryan for not telling Prachi about it. He also dislikes people who hate him. Aryan shows fake anger. Shahana counters them with an argument. If he has a problem living, Ranbir tells him to go away. Jai and Palak come there and thank them for their support. She wants them to get their love and live a happy life. Aryan offers to sit for a while to find Pandit. Shahana does not shout at Aryan or booking Pandit in advance. He later realizes his mistake. Prachi takes Shahana’s hand and goes away. Aryan spots a Pandit.

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Zee TV Show Kumkum Bhagya 18 january 2021 Written Episode Update (Scene-3)


Pragya walks towards the pavilion and unloads Abhi’s vermala, throwing it on the fire to throw it. Abhi silently thinks that she knew that Pragya cannot see her with anyone else. He can do anything but stop this marriage. Aaliya shouts to Pragya how dare she, Abhi and Meera are half married. Pragya should apologize to Meera right now. She says that Meera is his next daughter-in-law, he chooses her as Abhi’s wife. Pragya claims that she is Abhi’s wife. Meera admits that this is also Abhi’s wish, as she proposed to him. She also wants to marry Mr. Mehra. Pragya had no problem before. Pragya says that this marriage will be illegal as she is his wife. He may be jailed for this act. Aaliya calls Security and tries to pull Pragya out. Dadi comes to Pragya’s rescue and scolds Alia for the abuse. Daadi tells Abhi to stop them. Abhi tells Daadi that he will get Pragya to confess her love. If the situation gets worse, East is here to handle it. Pragya reminds Aaliya that whenever she tried to throw him out, Aaliya had to leave the house herself. This is his family, his home and in-laws. He left home but did not break any relationship. Aaliya is not upset with Pragya and tries to throw her out. Pragya calls the police inside. The family is now held back. Pragya complains to the police against Alia, Daadi also favors Pragya. Pragya also asks for Meera’s arrest.

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Zee TV Show Kumkum Bhagya 18 january 2021 Written Episode Update (Scene-4)

Abhi tries to rescue Meera when Meera is innocent. Pragya questions Abhi how can he marry her? Abhi says that she cannot talk to him like this. Pragya cries and questions Abhi how can he be so shameless, he is marrying Meera and has brought an invitation for her? She shouts that she has a problem with everyone here, they are on the wrong side of the stance. She questions Tai Ji as to how she can make Mira and Abhi’s nexus. She also questions Raj Bhai for being with her younger brother. He asks Mithali why she is hiding, it is pointless; He could think of her as a wife. She blames the East for being so selfless. Pragya addresses all the guests only to gossip but does not raise true voice against wrong. Dadi tells Pragya that she was against marriage.

Zee TV Show Kumkum Bhagya 18 january 2021 Written Episode Update Ends.

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