Zee TV Show Kumkum Bhagya 29 January 2021 Written Episode Update

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Zee TV serial Kumkum Bhagya 29 january 2021 Written Episode Update – all Episode Update


The episode begins with Aryan asking Jai why he linked Shahna and her name together. Jai says that you all know about both. Ranbir tells them to shut up and says that Riya will leave from here, she has to bring her to me. He says that you have to tell him that I am talking on the phone and yelling to the Chief Chief. They agreed to bring Riya to her. Ranbir looks on. Abhi tells Pragya that he will file a case against the mobile company for low battery. He tells her that we will leave here as uncle and aunt and we do not want to live here. Pragya gets up. Chacha comes and asks if he wants to wipe out Kumkum? He says you can stay here and won’t leave. Abhi states that it has been proved that only the wife wins, whether the marriage is new or old. He asks Mausi what she said that she agreed. Uncle says that he said that we will not forget our old days. He asks how did you come here? Abhi says on the horse, we take Barat’s horse and run away with him. Uncle asks where is the horse? Pragya says that we tied it outside the village. Uncle says you did well and told that goons are after you and want to kill you both. He tells that if they see you then we will kill everyone and ask his wife to cook food for them. Auntie compliments Abhi that she finds happiness in everything. Ranbir pretends to talk to someone at Abhi’s behest. Riya comes there and listens to them. He says that there are some goons behind the chief and can do anything with him. Riya asks where is she? Ranbir says Ghar Riya says I need to go and asks him to come. Ranbir says that I will come in my car and ask him to leave. Is given Ranbir, Jai, Aryan and Palak dance when Prachi comes there and sees them dancing. They get tired.

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