Zee TV Show Kumkum Bhagya 4 January 2021 Written Episode Update: Prachi accepts Riya’s deal.

The episode begins with Riya telling Prachi and Pragya to cry. Prachi slaps her. Riya laughs, rejecting the sister, rejecting the lover, and now rejecting the wife … Prachi tells her not to do it and tells that she can do anything for her mother . She can sacrifice for her mother. Riya asks if you can renounce your love for your mother? She says that I am a selfish girl and says that she did not allow herself to be spoken to others. She says that if you get back with Ranbir, then I promise that I will stop Meera Chachi and Papa’s marriage. She asks do you have the courage? She says that if you return my love, I will return your mother’s love to her. She asks him to sacrifice and asks if he agrees to the deal. Prachi thinks of Ranbir and accepts his deal. She says that my love for my mother is more than my love for Ranbir. She tells him to stop the marriage. Riya asks him to go with Ranbir and tells her that she will ask Dad not to marry Meera aunty instead of marrying her mother. Prachi agrees. Ranbir comes to college and tries to talk to her, but she ignores him and leaves.

Aryan comes to Shahana and tells that he is sure that he will apologize to her. He tells that Ranbir told me that he would tell Prachi himself. Shahana says that she is late for her class and goes. Prachi thinks about Ranbir’s words and his dealings with Riya. Riya and Shaina watch him go. Riya asks him to have a breakup with Ranbir. Prachi says give me some time, I will do it, asks her to understand, Ranbir loves me, her heart … she goes out. Ranbir sees her leaving and goes after him.

Daadi gets Sarita Behen’s call and tells her that she has reached her room and locked the room. Sarita Behen says that the door is already closed. She asks if you talked to Mr. Mehra. Dadi tells Abhi and tells that she is thankful to God, as you asked for my help. Sarita asks if they have decided to separate. Dadi tells that today she has sent Abhi to the market and asks if he can send Pragya there? Sarita Behen says that she has sent Pragya to get a matching blouse for her. Dadi tells that she has sent Meera along with Abhi so that she can see them and understand their love. Pragya returns and asks who are you talking with? Sarita Behen says, my new lover. Pragya takes the sari and asks her when he wants her. She says she will buy the blouse.

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Prachi cries and remembers Reya’s words. Pragya comes there and asks if anyone has hurt you? Prachi says no one else tells her not to take stress. Pragya asks him to tell the truth. Prachi says that I thought we would all live together as a family with Papa and Riya. Pragya says I am your family and says that it is important that there is love between family members. She says if I could, brought everything for you, but everything was ruined. Prachi and Pragya hugged and cried. Prachi tells her to cry and says that I don’t have time. Pragya says that I have to go and wear Sarita Behen’s matching blouse. Prachi feels that you have done a lot for me, now it is my turn. She says you can’t see tears in my eyes, how can I see tears in your eyes. She says that Papa loves you very much and you are looking forward to her upcoming marriage with Meera. She reveals that she will unite the mother with her father. She tells that she will sacrifice and leave Ranbir. She says that you look good with Papa and think that you will always be happy, your happiness is my responsibility.

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Abhi feels that the house is decorated and everyone looks happy, but I am sad and sad. He thinks that only we are responsible for this at the moment… Pragya. Sufiyan comes there and asks what you thought I would not know. Abhi asks how did you know, you have a news channel? Sufiyan congratulated him. Abhi asks how are you and asks how is Kayanat. He says that Kayanat is getting married to my friend. Abhi asks how can this happen? Sufiyan says that love is a bullish one. Abhi says that Prem is not bullish and he asks her to tell him what had happened in her life that Kayanat left her. Sufiyan says that when she fell in love with him, he left her. Abhi tells him to stop for Haldi. Sufiyan asks him to see love unabated… .also thinks that now you have convinced me, love is strange, the one we love hurts.

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Riya comes back home and tells Alia that no one can play their cards this time, as she used her trump card so that Ranbir becomes hers. Aaliya says that you must have asked me once. Riya says I don’t need it.


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