Zee TV Show Kumkum Bhagya Written Episode Update On 16 December 2020: The robbers put Prachi at gunpoint

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The episode begins with Meera telling Aaliya why Mehra is unable to understand the family’s problems due to Pragya. Aaliya says that people become blind in love and says that the brother gets emotional because he has two daughters. Meera asks what will I do if she becomes emotional after our marriage, how will I handle our relationship. Aaliya says that I will guide you, but her magic will fall on brother and you. Meera says yes, I want to marry my brother. She turns and sees the robbers going inside the jewelery stop with the mask and gun in their hands. Tony tells Ramanik Lal that he has worked to this day. Ramnik says you have cheated me. Abhi takes Riya to the side and asks her to come there. Pragya thinks of going to Prachi. Tony tells that it took him three months to win his trust. He says that no one had drunk alcohol at the wedding yesterday. He says they came to the shop today, but he has handled them. The robber asked Ramnik Lal to do as he says. Sarita asks Behen Abhi how he can think of marrying Meera. Abhi says I will tell later, but tell me where is Pragya? Sarita Behen says that she should be with Prachi and Shahana. The guards shot at the robber. Tony drops the necklace with his hand and Ramnick Lal picks it up. Prachi and Shahana heard gunfire. Prachi becomes worried for Pragya, Riya and Sarita. Shahana tells him to worry for her. Abhi leads Sarita towards Behen and Riya. He asks them to stay there. Riya says I will come with you. Abhi says I will go and see your sister and mother. Riya is looking Shahan asks Abhi to save her and says that they may be in trouble. Riya thinks of Meera and thinks that she has gone to attend a call. Riya says my mother … and then says Prachi’s mother and Prachi needs help and went away. Sarita Behen is going to follow Riya, but stops seeing the robbers coming there. Pragya comes to Prachi and Shahana and tells about the robbers. Meera comes in and thinks why there is no one here. The shop people sign Meera to go. Meera sees the robbers and walks out of the jewelery store. Ramanik puts the red necklace in the locker and falls down. Tony comes there and asks about the necklace. Ramanik Lal says that it is not with him and runs from there. Tony realizes that the necklace is in the locker and the key is with Ramnik Lal.


Ranbir thinks of Prachi when Aryan comes there and asks him to find out something. He says that everyone’s life is under God’s control and I will ask him why he loved Prachi, if he is not destined in my life. Aryan gets an alert about the robbery and informs Ranbir. Ranbir says that Chief, Prachi, Riya and all are there. They leave in a hurry.

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Pragya, Prachi and Shahana are going out. Shahana says that we have nothing to do with the robbers. Shahana says if they hurt us or anyone? She says that once we reach the stairs, I will take Riya there. He heard someone coming there and was about to get hit. They see Abhi coming there. Abhi asks if they would welcome him with a vase. Prachi says no. Pragya asks where is Riya? Abhi says that he is in a safe place and not moving around with everyone. Riya comes there and says father I came to save you, your plan was wrong. Abhi says that my plan was not wrong. Ramanik Lal comes there and asks Abhi to save him. The robber asks Ramnik Lal to give the keys to the saleswomen and shoot them. Abhi gets angry and says that you will not get the key anymore. She thinks that you have not given up your habit of fighting. Abhi feels that they will not let us go, and tells the robbers to take their family to a safe place, then he gives them the keys. The robbers take them to the center of the shop and drive out Sarita Behen, and other shopkeepers from the heir’s hideout. The robber threatened to kill everyone and shot another salesman. People in captivity panic The robbers grab Prachi’s hand and threaten to kill him. Abhi says don’t worry about Prachi. Pragya tells him to leave. The robber starts the countdown. Pragya says I will tell the location of the keys.

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