Zee TV Show Kumkum Bhagya Written Episode Update On 18 December 2020: Abhi Saves Everyone From The Robbers

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Inspector Saho assured Ranbir that he would get everyone out safely. Ranbir tries to run inside. Meera tells him about the backdoor. Riya asks how did you kill my father? The robber says kill everyone. Pragya tells Riya not to worry and says that her mother and father are here and will not let anything happen to her. Pragya and the others pick up the gun and walk out, as Abhi shoots the gun at the robber. The robber says the gun is empty and he shoots at it. Pragya could not hear any voice for a while as the bullet passed by her ear. Abhi falls down. Riya shouts for Mummy and Papa and asks them to save her, but Pragya cannot hear her voice. Abhi gets up and attacks the robber. Meanwhile Inspector Saho sneaks in to catch the robbers. One of the bandits is about to stab Prachi, but Pragya saves him and pulls the mattress under him. They all fight the robbers. Riya hugs Alia and Meera. Pragya and Abhi look at each other. Pragya asks Prachi is she okay? Prachi hugs her.

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Sarita Behen tells Abhi that she has always seen Pragya struggling for happiness and asks him to give her happiness, saying that she is the mother of both your daughters. Abhi reassures him and says that he will get what he wants, don’t worry. Riya calls Abhi. Pragya sees tears in her eyes. She goes to him and says congratulations. He asks did you get freedom? She says yes. Ranbir offers to leave Pragya and family. Aaliya tells Ranbir to come with him and tells Aryan to leave him. Aakhri plays… .. Pragya and Abhi go their separate ways.


Vikram talks to Abhi and says that they have all come home. They are in the parking lot right now. Pallavi opens the door and waits for them. Aaliya comes there with Riya. Riya says I’m fine, and I hug Pallavi. Vikram asks Abhi if she is alright? Abhi says yes. Pallavi asks Ranbir if he is alright. Ranbir says yes, I reached there with the police. He asks where Baljeet Dadi is, asks if he took the stress. Vikram says that I have not sent him and later to BG. Abhi says that we cannot shop. Riya says that I have brought the things purchased, it is in the car. Pallavi asks about Aryan. Aaliya says that she has gone to leave Prachi and her family.

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Aryan takes Pragya, Prachi and others to his house. Prachi asks Aryan if anything had happened to him, which he had not told her. Aryan says no, and tells him not to turn over. Prachi feels that he did not even know.

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