Zee TV Show Kundali Bhagya 16 October 2020 Written Episode Update: Preeta Free from Pawan’s Imprisonment


Preity gets off the car to take Janaki inside. Janaki was still throwing bricks towards the men of Earth and Wind. The Shrishti notice was the new petrol in the car. Preeta and Janaki tell her that she should find another car until she deals with these people.

Sherlyn and Myra were standing outside the room. Sanjana wanted to talk to Kareena. Maya gets a sneeze, Ramuna and Sherlyn send her. Sanjana discusses with Kareena that Preeta gave up on her own Munna Dickai ritual. They should think about marrying Karan, she belongs to a good family and also loves Karan. Kareena says that she chose Myra and was sure that Maya would be the best daughter for Luthra. He behaved really strangely. She no longer wanted to discuss this. His Karan is a good son, he does not deserve Preeta or Myra. She left. Sherlyn feels that Maya has adversely affected her image in the eyes of everyone. He must do something. Outside the room, Ramun argues with Sanjana that she has claimed that she will convince Kareena. Sanjana replies that her daughter is not her responsibility at any cost.

Preeta and Janaki continue their attack on Prithvi and Pawan. Preeta turns around, the bricks were finished. Prithvi is happy to see that Preeta moved closer to Prithvi. She was hopeful if she still loved him. He throws a huge stone that hits the earth on his knee. Pawan shot in the air. Preeta and Janaki raise hands. Pawan threatens Preeta to marry her brother or die. Prithvi hits her back to snatch Pawan’s love. Preeta says that even if he dies, he will not marry her. Prithvi says that he cannot let her die. Shrishti got there in the car and shouted for them to come soon. Earth watches attentively. She pushes a bamboo stick over the crowd and sits in the car. Pawan fired a bullet. Janaki removed Preeta from the path and was beating herself up. Preeta pushes her into the car. Prithvi shouts what will happen if Preeta gets hurt. The girls ran away. Prithvi yells at Gabbar to start a car but he says that there was no fuel. The goons go away.

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Sarla tells Rakhi that she had come here to welcome her daughter and she faced such a situation. She may have hurt some of you, she adds her hand to apologize, but she is not ashamed of what she said. Myra says that she did not see a woman more stubborn than Sarla. Her daughter insults the entire family, and she is shameless here. Kareena reveals that she is leaving Myra, she should not say anything. Sherlyn wishes Maya would stop talking, or the family would kick her out. Sherlyn thinks she needs to do something to clean her image. Rishabh questions Myra that if no one teaches her any manners, Sarla is of her mother’s age. Ramu says not Marra, but Sarla needs to learn manners.


In the room, Sherlyn calls the police inspector. She introduces herself to Inspector Pooja, and says that she came to Preeta’s house. He invites Pooja to Preeta’s Munh Dikhai. The inspector apologized that he found too many cases at the police station. Sherlyn says that she did not tell Preeta about the invitation. She insists on coming to the inspector. Inspector Pooja promised to come. Sherlyn thinks Preeta was winning for Maya as hatred in everyone’s heart. Now, the reverse will happen.

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Outside the hospital, Preeta and Sherlyn decide to go to the police station. Janaki convinces Preeta that she has promised Rakhi not to make a play on her Munna Dikhai. She cannot give anyone the opportunity to do any humiliation. Shrishti asks Preeta to go home for her work and Luthra’s house gets lots of guests. He and Janaki will go to the police station. Janaki insists that she has to go to Preeta’s Munh Dikhai. He also needs to teach Maya a lesson. Preeta decides to go to Luthra House. This is Myra who needs to see her actual location and face; So first things first. Shrishti asks Preeta if she is going to love me with Karan today? Preeta does not understand this. Srishti says that Preeta has said all this in front of the earth, why not Karan.

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Sarla leaves Luthra House. The family was upset that Preeta invited Inspector Pooja and left herself. She wanted to put them all in a position to blame. Sameer was stressed and wondered what he should do. Myra was worried. Sherlyn whispers to Maira that she did all this to save Maya’s honor. She suggests Karan to help them. Mara will don the veil, and Karan will have to do a duet dance. This will not allow the inspector to see Preeta’s face. Guests come inside. Kritika confides that the inspector is a family friend. Sherlyn announces a duet dance between Mr. and Mrs. Luthra. Sameer gets a message from Srishti that he is outside the house.