Zee TV Show Kundali Bhagya 18 january 2021 Wtirren Episode Update

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Zee TV Serial Kundali Bhagya 18 January 2021 Written Episode Update – All Episode Update


Zee TV Show Kundali Bhagya 18 january 2021 Wtirren Episode Update (Scene -1)

Mahira says that Akshay is such a good person, but she doesn’t understand why Preeta refuses for a medal in other people’s lives, Sharleen says she knows that there is something really important that Akshay is hiding from them , But I know that Preeta will never stop and try to find her. He will be proved wrong in proving the truth but then no one will save him from Kareena Bua’s scolding and then the whole family including Karan will start disliking him because this time it is his sister’s.

Preeta and Srishti enter Akshay’s room and start searching the room to find any clues, though they are unable to enable Shruti meanwhile, while accidentally trying to open the cupboard, one As the album collapses, Akshay suspects that there is someone in the room but both Preeta and Srishti are still searching for clues that would prove that Akshay is not an honest person, Preeta gets her mobile but is able to open it If not, she calls Shrishti and they are shocked to see that she is with another girl, how does she know who she is and her name is Ruchika, both of them are still searching when Akshay from the bathroom Comes out, they are both shocked to see him so Shrishti quickly puts her mobile in her pocket, though Akshay asks him to return his mobile as he knows that he has his own mobile.

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Zee TV Show Kundali Bhagya 18 january 2021 Wtirren Episode Update (Scene -2)

Sameer feels that Kritika has unconditionally helped him, though he should try to help Preeta and Shrishti, but Akshay’s mother says that breakfast will be ready soon, Sameer goes to the kitchen and tells Kritika Is to make a tortilla that drives Ritika crazy. So ready to make it, Sameer hugs Akshay’s mothers, saying how he has taught Kritika to make it in just one day.

Akshay says that it was just a joke because they will not have their own mobile, he forgives how they will meet up really soon. Then asks Preeta to give him his mobile but she says that he has it on the table Has left, Shree Shree does not give it either. His mobile after which he is forced to call from the landline, as he turns Shrishti throws his mobile on the couch, Akshay gets upset saying how he looked on the couch, Preeta responds That it is the same in life as they cannot. Proving nothing without any proof, forgives Akshay how they will never be able to get any evidence against him as there is none, he inquires as to what they are doing in their room, Srishti and Preeta Said how they bring the omen to their wedding so that Samir starts talking while they were irritated, so they decided to walk around the house to see how they came to this room and they have really decorated the room And that’s why they remained in the room he came after. He thanks her for coming, then he says that they should go for breakfast, Akshay thinks how he believes that Preeta and Srishti came to do something else that he has to find out.

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Zee TV Show Kundali Bhagya 18 january 2021 Wtirren Episode Update (Scene -3)


Kritika and her mother-in-law bring breakfast, her father-in-law also brings vegetables, which she used to prepare drinks for Sameer, Akshay’s mother immediately goes back to the kitchen to prepare the juice, as Akshay gets It is revealed that Sameer is not interested in taking any kind of drink, Akshay concludes that he was in the living room, so that he can alert Preeta and Srishti, but he is unable to tell that they both Looking for what Preeta sees as why she is watching, she likes it because they have found the proof they wanted against her, Akshay’s mother brings juice to Sameer.

Zee TV Show Kundali Bhagya 18 january 2021 Wtirren Episode Update (Scene -4 )

Akshay asks Kritika how she is doing, Akshay says how she is really happy as she prepares a full breakfast with her mother, Akshay’s mother immediately says that she too is his mother and no formalities Should be His mother gives Samir a juice drink, Akshay also asks why he is waiting because he should drink it, Sameer tries to claim how he always drinks juice in the morning and he is conscious of his health. The reason made it.

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Akshay forces Sameer to tell him how bitter it won’t be if he drinks it often, Sameer says that he was admiring the color and is forced to drink a full glass as well while watching her It seems that Srishti also takes a glass, after breakfast due to work leave which has to be finalized.

Zee TV Show Kundali Bhagya 18 january 2021 Wtirren Episode Update (Scene -5)

Rakhi is really worried when Kareena is inviting the guests, seeing how tired Rakhi is, she asks what has happened to Rakhi, she explains how Rakhi explains what the purpose of this cocktail party is Because she believes that religion should be in accordance with the rituals of weddings, Kareena says that she understands the wishes of the younger generation and must remember how much she enjoyed Rishabh’s party, so she too does such things Must try to enjoy.

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Zee TV Show Kundali Bhagya 18 january 2021 Wtirren Episode Update Ends.

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