Zee TV Show Kundali Bhagya 21 January 2021 Written Episode Update

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Akshay’s mother says how she is good enough because she thought it was a matter of children but she will not keep quiet as Sarla comes and scolds her son which she cannot accept, Sarla tells how she is her daughter. Trying to explain is not of such a low character and will never do anything.

Akshay tells how Shrishti has questioned her character and when he is marrying Kritika she will come close to him and even hug him in public, she knows that this is a common thing but she really She came close to him and even said hi to him. He did not reply, Srishti immediately tried to convince him that he said hi to her as he said that he would send the invitation card and hug her too, but that was not the case. , Kareena refuses to listen to anything saying how does she understand what the two have? Kritika tries to sabotage the relationship as Akshay starts liking Srishti and she knows that Preeta has always betrayed him because she also married Karan.

Preeta reveals that Kareena is wrong because Akshay is not really an honest person and it is not just for Shresthi, but also for Kritika, Karan asks Kareena to wait and let everyone go after which they Will talk, Rakhi also says that Karan and Preeta are talking the truth because the matter is about Kritika and Akshay and she is discussing about someone else, Kareena says that she should say something to Preeta, on which Dadi also says that she is thinking like Kareena and she feels that Preeta tries to break up with Kritika’s relationship and Akshay, because she wants him to marry Akshay.

ये भी पढे -  बॉलीवुड एक्टर टाइगर श्रॉफ ने रिलीज़ किया नया गाना 'कैसानोवा', अभिनेता कर रहे है लड़कियों के साथ फ़्लर्ट
ये भी पढे -  बॉलीवुड की इस अभिनेत्री पर हुए सेलेब्स फिदा शिल्पा सेट्टी से लेकर उर्वशी तक ने किए कमेंट

Sarla begs Dadi not to say the same thing as she is elder to the house and has known her two daughters for a long time and knows that they cannot do anything of the sort, as she gave them such roles Not picked up with, Kriti goes crazy to stop talking with them all because her words have hurt her so much because she knows Preeta and Akshay too.


Dadi asks her not to say this as Sriti herself confesses that she hugs Akshay, Sarla asks how their thinking can be so low because their families have already joined and their daughter is their daughter-in-law. They are also questioning him, he has chosen to trust Akshay’s family more than that and if someone hugs another person, it means that he wants to marry that person, Sarla tells them She goes on to say that if she feels the same, she will accept that it is her daughter’s fault.

ये भी पढे -  यूज़र 'पीआर स्टंट' द्वारा बताई गई सोनू सूद की मदद से अभिनेता ने करारा जवाब दिया

Sarla starts to cry when Preeta and Srishti explain to her how to stop crying because it is not a matter of concern, Sarla tells how she came to give a lot of blessings to the daughter of her house but she has ruined everything . Leaving as he can no longer bless and leaves, Karan tells them to wait for Sarla to come back after leaving, after which they will continue the discussion.

Sarla tells Srishti that when Karan comes from behind, Sarla asks and asks Sarla why she is worried so much, Sarla reveals that they were questioning Srishti when Karan explains how this Don’t matter, because they think of peace as he is also their family and only thinks that he does the same thing that he thinks about Shree Shree and he knows that he will never do anything of the sort Can’t, Shrishti also tells how she has done nothing and embraces Karan, after which she explains that they have become such a big family and sometimes such families create misunderstandings, So there is nothing to worry about, he is ready to leave them when Sarla asks him to wait to have a conversation with Preeta.

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Sarla then asks Preeta why she took such a step when he warns her not to do anything that would cause problems for them as she knew that the Luthra family would only question her and believe everything she said. Will not do Sarla reveals that she never wanted to say that much but was not able to resist, Preeta hugs Sarla, when after proper consideration she asks him to take every step as she will be questioned and if any She would say if she raised her voice as a family. Never talks with them and Sarla goes with Karan.

Mahira is trying to convince Ramona that what Preeta has done is that she bribes the girl, which causes problems for Sherlyn when she arrives and is willing to talk to Ramona. , She tells how she and Mahira made Preeta realize that Akshay is indeed a cheater. But this causes problems for Preeta, Ramona asks her to think about how Preeta will benefit from this situation when she will tell how Preeta never got married to Sriti despite knowing about her truth, But this means that Akshay has bribed the girl

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