Zee TV Show Kundali Bhagya 23 November 2020 Episode Update: Mahira forcibly tries to break Preeta’s fast


Karan begs to eat a little with Preeta, Mahira also tells that everyone in the house including Karan is really worried, so she needs to eat something, but Preeta refuses to listen, then Karan gets angry and it Leaving her saying that she does not care about him, Mahira sits down with him mentioning that she knows why she should eat something because then she will not break the fast with Karan, Mahira forcefully tries to cook her. But Preeta throws the plate which breaks and the food splashes on the floor.

Karan walks into the hall wondering who has performed the rituals in which a wife has to starve all day and for the long lifespan of her husband, she thinks that she will have to be concerned about someone she does not like Hai, he forgives that he is stressed due to his illness as he is also impressed by his stubbornness and judgment that he will not eat anything even when he is sick which is not acceptable, Karan hears Ganesh crying, he asks that What has happened, Ganesh explains that he was talking with his mother and there is a temple in his village where his family goes to pray. If any problem arises, he asks his mother to pray for Preeta because He is not well and he has also kept Karvachauth fast, no one gets sick after fasting, that is why he asked his mother to pray for him, Karan said that he is more, so they Care must be taken so as not to worry as Preeta will recover really soon.

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Preeta says that Mahira wants her to eat something so that her fast is broken and Mahira can complete the ritual with Karan but she will never let it happen because the fast is no joke for her but she has kept it as rasam So never breaking the fast, Mahira sits with her, saying that she is not taking it as a joke, but a challenge that she will convince everyone that she is Karan’s real wife, Mahira warns her That he has forced her to take a big step and should not be blamed anymore.

While Sherlyn is waiting in Mahira’s room, Sherlyn asks if she was able to break Preeta’s fast, Mahira says she was not able to do it, but Karan is also really angry when Preeta doesn’t eat anything, which she finds very good, Ramona calls Mahira, she reveals that her plan is working fine and they did everything exactly as she has just ordered which they actually I am happy, Ramona says that there are many stages of her plans and that she will be able to take revenge on Srishti and Sarala too. Ramona reveals the plan to Sherlyn, who gets tense, but agrees that she will take revenge on Preeta.


Sameer asks what has happened, Rishabh explains that Preeta was poisoned in his house, but Rishabh is confused, so says that it is not because no one in his house can be poisoned, the doctor explains May misunderstand them but this is a clear case of poisoning, Sherlyn also acts as if she is unconscious so everyone rushes to help her, Grandma is worried about what’s going on because Preeta had fallen ill earlier and now Sherlyn has also fainted.

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Srishti is at her house and tells both Janaki and Sarla to hurry up and get dressed otherwise the ceremony may end if they get up late, Sarla scolds her saying that she shouldn’t talk too much, Janaki and Srishti are both worried about Sarla just said

Sameer calls Shrishti who asks what has happened, Sameer replies that nothing is the same as Preeta was not well and they were afraid that she might have been poisoned, Sameer says that she should give Sarla Should not tell because she can be really upset, Shrishti gets nervous saying that she will come as soon as possible, Srishti wonders if she can inform Sarla she will be really worried, she thinks That Preeta is shown to a doctor so that everything goes well, she runs into Luthra’s house.

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Sherlyn is lying in bed, the doctors are examining her and orders the nurse to give her injections, Rishabh asks if there is any concern because she is pregnant, the doctor says her symptoms are similar to Preeta and her Having eaten the same food as Preeta, Mahira sneaks into the house, saying that the cat has died drinking in their kitchen and is dead, but Karan is about to leave but Rishabh stops her saying that she was already allergic is.

Both Sherlyn and Mahira see each other thinking that their plan will work as Sarla has fought with her mother but now she has to pay the price for what she has to do, they don’t know who in her house now including Preeta May die