Zee TV Show Kundali bhagya 25 january 2021 Written Episode Update

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Zee TV Serial Kundali Bhagya 25 january 2021 Written Episode Update – All Episode Update

Srishti asks Preeta what she has plans and how she plans to uncover Akshay, Preeta explains how they will carry out her plan professionally, and they will have to keep an eye on her for twenty four hours, for which After that they will be able to expose it.

Sameer asks her what plans she has. When she explains how they will start working on their new plan and chases Akshay, he will definitely lead them to Ruchika and then they get to know something about her. After which they will reveal it to everyone.


Akshay asks how he is falling in love with her, Megha asks what he is saying as he is marrying Kritika, Akshay says how he is getting married to Kritika but also in the form of divorce Known something, Akshay said how would she be thinking? He is not of good character, but after seeing her at the party he becomes bad but he thinks that he is following her, Megha asks him what will happen about his marriage so that Akshay tells him that he will ask Kritika for him. Marrying for money which is why she should become her own as she will surely get a lot of money and love for money, Megha thinks when she thinks that she gets so much excitement after playing with so many girls at once Meets and has taught the universe a lesson. Now it’s Preeta’s time.

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Sriti and Preeta are waiting in the car, when Preeta asks Srishi if she is sure that Akshay will come out, otherwise they will be waiting for her all the time when she could not even come out, Shrishti tells that she is sure Will exit. Over Confident when they both call the driver but he is talking to someone. When Akshay comes out, they both call the driver but when they get out he leaves them and Sameer comes. , They all start following him.

Ruchika is waiting for Akshay when she explains that she looks like the next billionaire in the city, she tells how Preeta tries to ruin her image in front of the family, though she blames it and then proves it. Having said that she was just abusing him.A scene showing that he was abusing a girl, Ruchika asks him to be careful, then everyone will realize what he is really planning, Akshay Assures him that nothing wrong will happen when both of them go out to eat paan and is eating a dish, he stumbles when both of them get out, Sriti and Preeta gather a lot of pictures with Sameer. Are able to, but when they are about to chase them again a car arrives and they are banned but then follow them once again.

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Karan comes into the room, but he does not find Preeta where he went, but when he finds her, he calls Preeta, she is wondering how he will answer the call, then he questions. Where will she be? Can’t she tell him the truth because her mission will be spoiled, the call ends so Karan wonders why she is not answering the call when he tries again, Karan apologizes for being rude with her Demands when she reveals that she is at Sarla’s house, however Karan realizes that he is lying as he hears the horn of the car so the call ends.

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Preeta and Shrishti with Sameer see that Akshay and Ruchika stop the car, they find out that it is Ruchika’s house when they enter it but the door opens which worries them, they find out that the neighbor Ke has gone to the house and has a child as well, they start searching the house trying to find some evidence against both of them when they find the album which has all the pictures of Ruchika and Akshay, Sameer advises that they accompany him Can take pictures, although Preeta mentions that they cannot be alerted to them so take soft copies of them when Preeta takes pictures in her mobile when they try to search for any other evidence but Ruchika She comes with her friend and child, so take a chance as they get out of the house and run.

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After arriving on the road, Preeta asks Shrishti to get a hard copy of the photo as she has to get a solid proof as she has to be fully prepared, Shrishti explains how her old video producers have now become photographers, So they get a hard copy, Preeta gets worried, Sameer asks what has happened, he answers how he has lied to Karan and now he knows that he will be angry with her, Srishti tells how he She dared to teach him.

Preeta enters the room at night, Karan is sitting angrily, he hesitates and asks why he didn’t sleep, he replies that he was not able to. Preeta sits with her and asks what has happened, she tells how she did not want to talk about it but cannot keep quiet because she is an honest person

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