Zee TV Show Kundali Bhagya 27th October 2020 Episode Update: Karan sleeps on the balcony after turning off the air conditioner

Preeta says that Karan has no heart because he would not keep the air conditioner temperature so low if he cared, he would not even give him a shiver, Karan says that he should take a quilt out of the cupboard as it will not ruin his. As for her way of sleeping, she adds that she snores at bedtime so she should not refuse to accept him, she threatens him by saying that if she is not able to sleep well she will walk in sleep Looks and kills anyone who comes in front of him. Karan says that he will have a difficult time as there is no knife in the room.

Sameer stands near the cupboard, he closes the door to find Karina Bua, he pretends that he is scared, but Kareena threatens him, saying he hasn’t scared her yet, she says That she feels that he has stopped listening to her orders, she asks what she is saying, she reveals how close she is to Shrishti and also did a romantic dance with Sameer while they were with her. Standing in front, she says that he had come to the city for the sole purpose she is romancing during work and now she should avoid doing all those stupid things, Shrishti calls Sameer, Kareena seeing her call Called him and handed Sameer the phone.


Shrishti in the room wonders why Sameer ended her call as she only picked up when he got into trouble whether Kareena is standing in front of her or not, she remembers once when Kareena said before ending the call. If it was then it may be so. In this case, she tries to think about why Kareena tries to stop Sameer from meeting her as they are both best friends and are really close, Sarla is standing behind her. Sriti is shocked to see her there, Sarla mentions that she came to give him a bottle of water, so she should sleep now, surprised if her mother listens to her oblivion.

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After Sarla goes out, she thinks she will do anything to stop Sriti from getting close to Sameer, as she does not want him to suffer like Preeta, as she has to fight for her rights even while in Luthra Mansion. Because Karan must live with her but she is not, she can only pray for the bright future of her daughters.


Karan feels that Preeta admits that she is not full of heart, she is not able to sleep, so he gets up and turns off the AC, then she sits down to make excuses that she is looking very beautiful while sleeping. , Then he thinks he is going to miss Preeta, he gets angry thinking what he will do because he cannot sleep without air conditioner then what should he do.

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Rishabh wakes up in the morning and exhausts her when she gets up late, Sherlyn immediately comes into the room and asks a lot of questions that she says she should let her wake up first and she can ask anyone to make coffee for her. Hai, she asks where is she? All night, Sherlyn mentions that she was with Maya, Rishabh says that she should not be with Maya.

Preeta wakes up, she wonders how she could sleep for so long as she was trembling at night, then realizes that AC is off, she thinks Karan might have done this, she is shocked to think that Karan has always ruined her plan. Every time, she folds her bed, then sees Karan sleeping on the balcony, she wonders why he is sleeping there, she misses him all the time , When he had her in his arms, she runs to the bathroom, as if she had met really late so prepared for the ceremony.


Rishabh says that Sherlyn should know for herself who she should meet because when Maira made a scene and insulted her entire family in front of relatives, she said that he never stopped her from meeting anyone because He is not that kind of a person but he should know for himself what would prove beneficial for their family, he goes to get ready, Sherlyn thinks he might start loving her so she is worried that Whom she meets, she thinks she has only one mission and is to break up Karan and Preeta’s marriage.

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Preeta walks out of the bathroom saying how she can do so long as she should have set the alarm. She realizes that she is not able to tie the ribbon of her saree so she tries to help him but she refuses, she says that she finds out that she insults herself and that’s why she Soul leaves her body, she says that he is crazy and she also says that he is a stupid person, he puts his hat on her head and then starts tying ribbon and is not with her himself , He asks why he is doing it like he never asked, he said that he feels love for her, they both get nervous seeing each other, he says that he only love for his soul Is starting to realize that maybe he leaves her so that he comes to help her,


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