Zee TV Show Kundali Bhagya Written Episode Update On 18 December 2020: Preeta Sis Mahira at Resort

Rakhi says that there may be some members in the family who have a different way of looking at the world, but there is no family that does not face problems. She assures him that they will resolve over time and they will all fall in love with Preeta. She has what she asks if Sarla understands what she means, Rakhi asks her to come to her house without any worries because she is married to Preeta and has not broken up in the relationship, Rakhi then Saath begs her to drink water as she doesn’t get anything to eat, Rakhi tells that she will have tea. When Sriti comes from the kitchen, Sameer also follows her to the kitchen.

Preeta and Karan are walking when he explains that the scenery is very beautiful, but Preeta explains that they do not have the strength to walk and therefore cannot move because they have been running for a long time and still have nowhere to reach. Have found Karan explains that the two options are that they either wait for a mechanic on the road or can go somewhere and have dinner so that they can refresh themselves, Preeta mentions that a third The choice is there and that is that he can take her as he is not able to walk anymore, Karan forgives that it cannot be because he does not have the strength to walk because he is really heavy but mentions Preeta. How she carelessly takes him into the house, Karan mentions that there is a difference but Preeta refuses to sit on the road, Karan is forced to turn and pick her up and walk on the road, she gives him Asked to take off her glasses but then after walking for a while she said that she could no longer pick her up because she was too fat, Preeta asked her to put it down because if she got tired they would be in a lot of trouble. Will go, she says she has gotten better so will be able to walk for some time.

Kundali Bhagya

Shrishti is preparing tea in the kitchen when she finds out that it is properly prepared. She realizes that she tried to add ginger to the tea, but she was unable to find it, but then she decided to call her mother as she could not speak with her mother as she rakhi. Is with, Sameer is smiling, but telling her that she pressures a lot, so she should shut up, Sameer picks her up from the basket, but Shrishti charges it to see that she has stolen. , Although Srishti mentions that it is her time, she comes close to him, but she asks him to go back as she does not want him to come close to her but she says that the tea will not taste without sugar, Srishti She tells him not to come close because she doesn’t like him, she starts teasing him that if a man comes she doesn’t do it so close, Srishti is not able to answer, then she stumbles and she He catches her, when they both fall into a romantic state, when Janaki says that she will have to help make tea, mentioning how Karan and Preity fight Te were and that everyone is w waiting for them and if they do not come out then everyone will come in and they will not be able to do anything.

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Janaki leaves, but they are both still standing, Shrishti is not able to say anything and goes mad when she finds out that the tea is boiling, she starts pouring it out and after sniffing it Seeing that Sameer is standing near her, she is asking him to come out but he does not reply so he leaves.

Preeta feels relieved upon reaching the restaurant and she orders a plate of each item, Karan says she will taste something from him, but she reveals that she is the one who says she is always eating so she Focusing on her, they see that a group of dancers have come and start performing so that Karan too starts dancing after which they are forced to go with him, Karan and Preeta are in the middle when he Says that he will see her, then they both start a dance competition to see who is better than the other.

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The competition begins with the two, who do their best to defeat the other, but all who advance in the competition advertise, those who enjoy their dance even while sitting, both come close to each other. , Karan pulls her closer and they are looking at each other when they realize that this is a public place.

Rakhi stands up to leave when Sarla tells that it was really nice, Rakhi says she should give him a chance to say the same, Sarla tells that she will give him a chance as Rakhi is saying this to him. Rakhi prays that both Karan and Preeta have left as two, but should come as one and their relationship remains strong throughout life, Sarla reveals that she is a mother and therefore accepts her prayers for sure Will go because the marriage took place under hopeless circumstances.

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After the mechanic returned the car to fix it, Preeta said that she was very happy to see the car and they both sat in the car.


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