Zee TV Show Qurbaan Hua 21 November 2020 Written Episode Update: Neel dr from fire. Beg saves


Chahat walks in to Neil and says that the camera on his mobile is much better, he sees a message and is surprised, Chahat said that they have forgotten about the message, Neil is sure that he knows about it Lagana, Neil calls the number but is from an old age home and the man is the manager who replies that he knows nothing about Mr. Baig, but is really busy, then he feeds Mr. Baig some food. Go, who mentions that he does not know where he went and who brought him back to his old age home.

Neil and Chahat enter the old age home, where they both see that a woman is throwing away their medicine, but a man is holding them, he comes to order the wife to take her medicine because she will not feel better if She does not take drugs, then they both pretend how beautiful they both look when they are fighting, Neil said that they have been together for the last thirty or forty years and even still they Fighting, Chahat said that a person they fight with is usually someone they fall in love with, both of whom portray themselves as an older couple and they are fighting for the chips that her Is nearby when he ends the chat saying that it’s just a lie because they won’t be able to live their lives until they’re old, they’re not really married and when he’s able to prove that their If the father is innocent, he will participate.


Neil and Chahat both start thinking about how she caught him when she was about to marry Balek, they both wake up, then say that they should do what they have come to do.

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Ghazal asks how did Mr. Baig get this way, which Ramavatar says is because they have given him too many overdoses, which is not acceptable and he is so, he orders him to sit so that they Being able to evict him from home, he no longer has money for his treatment.

Neil inquires as to when the manager will arrive, the attendant advises him to sit down as he will actually arrive soon after which they can meet him, Neil advises Chaat to sit while he takes a detour of the old age home.

Neil walks into Ghazala, who does not know his true identity, but only gives him the money to chant, Neil assures him that he has made a plan and he finds out that Neil has died and the whole family Doing a lot of pain, she will get a chance to kill Chahat, she asks why she is here, she is about to answer when she gets a call from Godambari who asks why she is calling him, Ghazala Mentions that he came to know about Neil’s death. Merely prays that this is wrong, Godmabari explains that it is wrong because they thought he had died in the factory, but he came back after a week with a burnt face, though Chahat made sure That she will be able to fix her face after much searching. Internet. Ghazal is unable to believe what she is listening to, Devambri even mentions that she has uploaded a photo with Neil when she hears that Kripa is crying so the call ends.

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Ghazal is genuinely worried, so thinks how it is possible that Neil is alive because the person whom Ramavatar hired has told him that he has died, he is surprised to see that it is Neil The one he gave money to kill Chaat is really nervous and not able to understand what he should do.


Bale is trying to calm Krupa, but is not able, Godambari asks what has happened and then Navel says that it could be because she was scared to hear his face, Balek gets angry and Even Vyas ji was about to say something to him but then Vyas ji asks what has happened, he inquires where is the want, then orders him to come home immediately because Golly is crying a lot, Chahat says this K agrees that she will come and even call Neil by her name, she becomes worried as Ghazal knows who he is, he finds that she has escaped.

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Ghazal calls Ramavatar saying that he should do something to kill Mr. Baig because if he tells the truth, his whole plan will fail and he will go to jail with him too, Ramavatar sets the room on fire and runs away. , Everyone started calling. For help, Neil rushes for help and is able to save Mr. Baig, without knowing who is under it, this is when he takes her out so that he can find out the truth and vent his anger. Could not control it.