Zee TV Show Qurbaan Hua 29 january 2021 Written Episode Update

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Zee TV Serial Qurbaan Hua 29 january 2021 Written Episode Update – All Episode Update

Chahat mentions how Neil has arrived at the right time because now she will serve him dinner, she says how she must have gotten into the habit of eating her burnt tortilla, so she will serve it, yet she will be buried. So she asks why he got ripped off? Before they do something to eat, Neil tells how he was forced to have dinner as Vyas ji insisted so he ate, he requests him not to be angry though Chahat mentions Is how she can’t get angry as she has prayed for dinner with her father, Chahat mentions how he would love if she fed him with his hands, Chahat bites him too when When he is feeding her, they both finish the meal.

Qurbaan Hua

Neil asks Chahat to be angry with her as she feels that she is married due to Saraswati’s prayer, so she feels that she will definitely win the hearts of everyone in her family.

In the morning Chahat is getting ready for the job when he sees an arrow, so after following them he reaches a lunch box and finds a letter under it saying that her husband is a cook so She must have a proper lunch, going to Chahat. Her mother said how she would joke that she would marry a chef but her pleas were accepted that she would never cook like Neil.

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Chahat walks out of the house to find Saraswati’s bangles when she feels that Vyas ji may have kept them and she will be able to regain her trust, so Chahaath is unable to speak with her for the hospital.

Godambari said that when Chahat finds out the real reason, her dreams will be broken because she will not be able to fulfill her dreams.

Neil is roaming the market with Bofo stating how he wants to work with people who cannot accept his marriage as he wants, so that won’t work either, Neil mentions how he works But will not work under such works that he is not even praised.

Neil sees Ammi Jaan, who is hitting a truck, then he saves her from Ammi Jaan as to how this is happening, as her son’s hospital is being auctioned and they all do it because of his marriage to Chahat. So, don’t worry for her, Neil mentions that the price his family has to pay is too big for his love so he can’t work to save the hospital.

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Wanting at the hospital, Neil is trying to call Neil, who is not answering his call because he is worried about how he will tell Chaat the truth. In the hospital Chahat gets a call from Godambari that she asks him to bring sweets for Vyas ji when Chahat asks him the reason but he brings sweets.

On reaching back home, Chahat asks what is the reason when Godavari refuses to say anything about ordering Vyas ji to decorate the house due to some ceremony, Chahat agrees to help him when he finds out If Saraswati is not in the house then she starts to decorate the house, Balek also comes and hands over her two plates which are for her and Neil.

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The decoration ends when Vyasa ji arrives and she asks if she likes the decoration, for which Vyas orders Godavari to give him sweets, Chahat sees bangles, the donkey thinks Godambari gives him How Mila, who says she belongs to Saraswati and Vyasa, gave it to her, Godambari said how she throws fake bangles as she finds the original ones, Chahat said how she thinks Vyas ji should give her his blessings But she replies that it can never happen in her life, Vyas ji mentions how they decorate as her father’s hospital is being auctioned, Chaat gets tense hearing this and falls down Wala happens when Neil helps her, so holds her in his arms.

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Vyas ji presses Neil to fetch sweets as he then proves his love for Saraswati and the culprit who murders his daughter is being punished for his crime, Neil mentions that he There is no need to prove love. Her sister Jabhat asked her to eat sweets as she should not disobey Vyas ji’s orders.

Chait walks into the house when Neil goes to the lawn after his apology, Chahat forgives him for how he feels everything should be alright after apologizing.

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