Zee Tv Show Qurbaan Hua November 4, 2020, Written Episode Update: Godambari chops for drinking.


Neil tries to awaken Chahat but he falls to the ground, he doesn’t know how she fainted, he wonders why the air purifier is smelling, he sees that the filer is choking so he Thinks he must have inhaled the smell.

He picks her up, she rests her head on his chest, then immediately wakes up and asks herself what she is trying to do, she mentions that she was only trying to help him because She cannot fail her test, when she says she apologizes, discovers that he was only trying to help her, he says he will not take advantage of the girl named Yakuta, he asks Is how he came to know her real name, she is really surprised that she came to know it and when he makes fun of her she gets mad, Bofo also comes when he starts making fun of the name with Neil , He leaves angrily after which Neil has to go after him so that he can calm down.


Balek asks for blessings from Vyas ji, telling that he will be able to find out something about Chahat’s family, he also asks Balek to make some donation to the workers’ fund in Delhi, which Balek agrees to.

Neil enters the room where Chahta is sitting angrily, he starts beating the room to find something, but when Chahaat asks about it, he replies that he is looking for her smile. Hai, whom she realizes is lost, asks why she made fun of him, her name, she says that her father gave her the name of her grandmother, but her friends made fun of it so her father Changed the name and now he also made fun of her name. Neil says he will no longer make fun of her name, she also says that she will fail the exam and this will be the first time in her life so she should be left alone.

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Vyas ji writes a check which Balek is happy to see as he has no plans to donate money to any labor organization.

Chahat is praying in her room that Allah should give Neil some understanding, as he should take care of his father, as well as pray that she pass the exam otherwise she will not be able to pass the entrance examinations, which she will bear. Can’t, then realizes that all he should ask for is something Neil has to explain.

Neil is also worshiping for the better result of Chahat, otherwise she will break, which he cannot see, Bopho stands on the back that he has finally started praying because of Chahat because he never worships, Neil mentions that he did just because the will is a pure soul and that he cannot see her breaking up, BofO mentions that he means she is in love with him but Neil refuses to accept that She starts liking Chahat so that she can say that if she gets that degree she will be able to. Taking care of Chanda, Bofo replies that then the cow will kill him and kill him.

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He says that the truth is that he has feelings for Chhath, he is also thinking about her and leaves.

Navel is in the room when she wants him to give her some baby powder because it is over, Naveli says that she is making a list that she will give to Balek and he will bring it for her, Chahat then gives it to her. Takes away But it is surprising to see that there is nothing on Kripa’s list, Navel said that it is just a waste of money as Kripa will soon get bigger. Chahat says this is not the case because if there is negativity among the elders then it is shown in the hearts of the youth. They are talking when Godambari asks why she is doing this as he has ordered her to never use her daughter in search of Vyas ji’s blessings, Naveli says that she should stop this act Because he has created a WhatsApp group in which only Vyas Ji and Neil respond, wanting that they formed this group to ensure that Vyas Ji gets his medicine on time. Godavari then asks Naavi to come with him.


Neil enters the room where he sees that Chaat is drinking something, he thinks it may be alcohol so asks why he is drinking it because it is not allowed in their house, wanting to explain it Tries that it is not so, Godambari calls everyone in the room, saying that it is alcohol, she wants to drink it after which she smiles saying that it is just apple juice, Vyas ji gave her all the family Ordered to make juice for her, Chahat mentions that she drinks juice whenever she is depressed. And when Vyas ji asks the reason, she tells that she failed the exam.

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Jamuna asks what exam she is talking about, Neil says that he took the exam for Five Star Hotel, but he failed, Vyas ji asks why he did not tell anyone, Neil says that he Not wanting to hurt anyone, Vaishya ji says that she should have told him because she did not bother him with his actions,