Zee TV show Qurbaan Hua Written episode update On 2 January 2021 : Meera and Neyveli plan for Vias ji’s reputation of Rui Chaat.

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Qurbaan Hua Episode Update On 2 January 2021 Meera is unable to bear the pain, so throws Diya, to which Neil provokes her that she could not bear the pain even for just a short while, on the other hand, Chaht bites herself and stops the pain. To ensure that Vienna is able to regain her health, she mentions how Chaat is the fake daughter of the family, but even her duties as a family member Completes. She knows that Meera wants to become a member of her family, but she cannot testify that she is trying to do anything for the sake of her family, so how can she let him become a member of this family.

Neil said that he knows how he has done injustice to her, but he cannot come with her to Canada because he can never leave Kripa and Vyas ji, so he should go back to his home in Delhi and even That he will book a ticket for her, Meera tries to stop him but he explains that he is not fit for her and that she should spend her life with the person who takes care of her and is just like her, Neil Stepping out of the room, Godmabari and Naveli both stand in the corner wondering how they should stop Meera from going, Navel tells her that she should not pay anything as Neil asks her to do so because of wanting. Doing it, Naavi tells how Chait blames her for getting pregnant and so they plan to send her away from home.

Zee TV Serial Qurbaan Hua Episode Update On 2 January 2021

Chahat is taking off clothes and she is really angry with Neil, she cannot understand what she wants as she is not able to express her feelings which has caused a lot of confusion, Meera immediately snatches the clothes from the ceiling. Comes to the roof for She tells how she was going to give them to the launderer, though Meera replies that while there is no need to go back to Delhi, Meera says she wishes to leave him before organizing a small party. Because it is also New Year’s Eve. , Chahat is exhausted though, but Vyas agrees to talk with Ji, Meera hugs him, Navel removes her face from behind the curtain, Meera explains to him that his plan has been finalized. .

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Chahat enters the room where she is present wondering who it might be for, Neil comes from behind to say that he brought it for him as a token of appreciation for helping Vyas Ji Came, Chahat replied how he came to know that he has asked Meera to leave, Chahat begged Neil as to what was in his heart because his actions caused a lot of confusion, Neil remembered his dream. While refusing to tell how much he loves her. Neil forces Chahat to take out the current.

Opening the chahat the box is surprised to see that it is a western dress, Neil mentions how to wear it to Mira at a farewell party, Chahat is hesitant but Neil says the theme is for a western party so She has to wear it, he mentions her promise, saying how beautiful she must look in him, so she leaves him before he can say anything else.

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At night while Meera is preparing for the party, when Balek and Naveli, Meera, cannot believe how beautiful they both look, she calls him to join her. Neil says he has not seen Jamuna and Devambari, everyone is surprised to see how beautiful they both look, Meera says how Devambri looks like Bindu, but on the pretext of Godmabari she Seeing Sharmila’s passion. Jamuna told how she has changed her dress and she will also dance, but they should have food first, then they all start eating, Meera said how it was a boon that Vyas ji was worshiped in the temple Used to be there and they stayed there all night. , Meera tells how she will serve her a samosa, but she accidentally drops the glass, Neil takes the handkerchief, when she sees Chahat coming down the stairs, he is unable to take her eyes off her, As he comes closer, he asks why he was tired when she looked really beautiful, Chahat said how she would not be able to come in front of Vias ji in these clothes, Neil explains how Vyas ji before dawn Won’t come, don’t want to chat Celebrate without him but Meera prays with him not to spoil the party.

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Devambri has also mentioned how hard it is for her to actually wear clothes of her choice and how she used to wear modern clothes before her wedding. Jamuna mentions how scary it was to see her.

In the kitchen, Meera asks Naveli that she has kept the party due to not knowing about the plan, Naavi mentions that she has canceled the havan so Vyas ji is going to come soon and he ruined Chait’s dress Is, because he will see her clothes, her reputation will be tarnished, then Meera asks everyone to come to the dance floor and when the dance starts everyone is jealous of seeing them, Neil finds out that his zip comes off. Has been

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